Human Hair Extensions - Summer Wear and Care


The warmer weather is upon us, and we can't be more excited about the possibility of sitting by the beach or pool enjoying the lovely summer breeze. For those of us who like to maintain our glamorous looks all year round, it's imperative that as the heat turns up, so does our hair care routine for our extensions. While taking care of your tresses can be different strategies for every type, you'll want to have a plan for taking care of Human Hair to ensure long-lasting wear and shine. Between the harsh sun, sweat, pool chemicals, and saltwater, the summer conditions have the power to do a lot of damage to your silky stands if you don't take proper precautions.

Based on what we already know about Human Hair, you'll want to protect your investment with the best care techniques possible. Whether you're someone who loves outdoor activities or enjoys grilling by the pool with friends, proper maintenance is key if you want to keep your hair always looking good. Before you RSVP to those summer bangers, plan for how you'll be protecting your extensions from potential disasters.

Swim Preparation

When we're talking about extensions made of real, human hair from top to bottom, we want to make sure it's protected just as much as our own natural hair. Human Hair should be gently handled, especially when you're entering water zones. Despite what people may think, there's no need to avoid the pool or beach when wearing extensions. Wearing your hair wet or dry, you'll still look like a fabulous mermaid from sea to shore. But if you want to ensure that your extensions retain their moisture, lust, and softness, be sure to rinse your strands with fresh water before and after swimming in the pool or ocean.

Think about the different chemicals and components that go into these large bodies of water. Between the salt and chlorine, stands are susceptible to extreme dryness, damage, and even discoloration if you don't take the time to prep your hair before taking a dip. Rinsing your hair before contact reduces the absorption of these harmful elements. Once you're finished, don't let your hair sit soaked for too long before rinsing again with fresh water to remove at least a bulk of the salt and chlorine. Pat your extensions dry, and don't forget to pat yourself on the back for taking your wet prep seriously.  


Reduce Heat 

Although you may be tempted to plug in your curly iron to add some more waves to your summer fun, extra heat should be avoided on extensions during warmer months to prevent any frying or damage to Human Hair. Moisture is what helps keep strands nourished and elastic. When you use heat like a flat iron or curling iron, it dries out that nourishment. This is on top of what's already happening when the sun hits peak levels. Those UV rays are already targeting the moisture from your extensions. 

Think about the brittleness, breakage, dullness, and dryness you'll be doing to your hair. Don't torture your tresses with a heat stroke to the point of no return. Keep your flat iron tucked away and opt for natural ways of adding new styles to your extensions, such as bantu knots, flexi-rods, or texturizing drying.

Protective Styles 

While we're on the topic of styling, the summer presents a lot of opportunities for different activities, and sometimes our hair isn't up for the challenge. Even if you're someone who keeps their Human Hair properly brushed and tangled-free, you can still benefit from different hairstyles that can better protect your extensions. Not only does protective styling help maintain healthy hair, but it's also less time-consuming in the long run, especially for multiple days of fun in the sun. Check out our favorite styles that are perfect for giving extensions some much-needed downtime.


 Long Braided Ponytail: Especially for the warmer months, a Long Braided Ponytail is a great protective style that can last you up to two weeks. Just be careful with this technique that the ponytail isn't pulled too tight and causing tension. Protect your extensions by the pool or on your vacation excursion by going the extra mile and pinning the ponytail part up as well, so it doesn't get caught up in the adventures.

Pigtail Twists: Even if you're not the savviest with hairdos, everyone can accomplish a Pigtail Twist. This protective style is great when you're short on time and want something extra simple that you can't mess up. While also being functional, it's a great way to lock in moisture if you need to do a deep condition as well. If you want to continue this look for a few days, be sure to sleep with a silk bonnet  so the twists stay locked in and neat. 

Headscarf: When in doubt, you can never go wrong with throwing on a headscarf  or hat to keep your hair protected from the outside elements. Consider it a shield to keep your extensions cool, hydrated, and soft while also offering a stylish design to your look. Mix and match with your outfits to create a head-to-toe outfit that you can put together in minutes. For added luxury, choose scarves with a silk fabric rather than cotton so you can avoid unwanted frizz.            

Care for your Human Hair this summer and give your extensions the love they deserve. Hotter days present a lot of uncertainty, and it can become a difficult road ahead for your hair if you don't plan ahead. While it can seem like a daunting task getting your crown to cooperate, it's not impossible. With some time, attention, and care, your beautiful hair investment can show off its silky-smooth magic all year long. 

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