Possible Causes for Itchy Hair Extensions

On a day-to-day basis, life presents a lot of different itches. Our hair tends to get the short end of the stick, or should we say scratch. Our scalp, similar to our skin, is very sensitive and can quickly change for better or for worse depending on the care. Even when you may think the itch has passed, it’s very likely there is something going on with your extensions, which is not ideal especially when they’re meant to make you so happy. There’s nothing happy about having the urge to scratch your scalp. But the good thing is that there are ways to combat the scratch without going overboard and taking out your beloved extensions. Before you go too far, we want you to consider some of these factors of why your hair might feel a certain way

 Tension from Too Many Extensions 

When you’re getting ready to put in your gorgeous extensions, it’s important to have a game plan. Especially if you’re working on your own hair, you want to be sure the hair is sectioned accordingly and not over-directed in some areas. Naturally, your strands go in one direction, and if you’re pulling them into another, it can cause some tension. This type of discomfort happens when your natural hair is pulled sideways and weighed down by the extension. Especially if you’re someone with fine or thin strands, too much hair can be overwhelming for a long period of time. When there’s a massive amount of hair on each area of attachment, your natural hair has to carry all that weight while still trying to grow in the right direction. That’s enough stress to generate some itchiness and discomfort. In order to prevent this pulling, make sure you’re using an attachment method that best fits your hair type. If you have thinner strands, use a method that is lighter in weight and helps guide your hair in the right direction for growth. 

 Product Build-Up

We get it. We love our hair products too, but sometimes, it really does only need a dime size amount. Our scalp naturally has oils that hydrate our strands. So, we overload our extensions with too many products such as creams, more oils, or hairsprays. It tends to sit on the hair, causing itchiness. When we think of product build-up, it’s no surprise that our scalp can’t breathe and is demanding attention, even if it’s in the form of a good scratch. What makes this even more challenging is that our extensions are trying to thrive up all the product residue that is preventing these additions from being great

 Sweat and Environments

Whether it’s your favorite spin class or the scariest movie that has you sweating at the edge of your seat, your hair can experience the heat. Especially if you’re wearing permanent hair extensions, you want to be aware of how sweat can affect your hair. This also goes for your environment too. Human hair extensions are made of protein, making them both porous and permeable, which means smells can be easily retained. Think of your hair like a paper towel. It is very absorbent. The more hair you have, the more surface area the bacteria has to cling on, keeping the smell pungent and often very noticeable to you and everyone else around you. But the good thing is, even if you love hanging by the campfire on a summer night, there are ways to rid your extensions of smell and scratches without over-cleansing the scalp

 Poor Extension Maintenance 

Whoever said having extensions involved no aftercare was sadly mistaken and is probably scratching their heads at this very moment. If you want your extensions to last, you’ll need to treat them well, and that means treating them as if they were part of your natural hair. Especially human hair extensions, which are equally as affected by environmental stress such as weather conditions, and products. Since this hair is not directly growing from the scalp, it needs your assistance and care to keep up its appearance, smell, and cleanliness, so there’s no chance of excessive itching. When it’s time to give your extensions a boost, be sure to rinse them properly, which brings us to our next reason why your extensions might be itchy

 Wash Routine

If you’ve tried to think of everything to stop your extensions from itching, it could just be that your wash routine is no longer serving your strands. If you don’t wash your extensions regularly, all you’re doing is adding dirt into your hair and causing the reason for a itchy scalp. Not only will your extensions lose their sheen and eventually look dull, but you don’t feel as confident with the constant urge to scratch. But this doesn’t mean you want to overly wash either. If you wash your extensions too often, you’ll strip them of their natural moisture and dehydrate your strands. Care for your raw hair extensions just as much as you would your own. If you’re lost in the process, follow these guidelines for long-lasting extensions that don’t cause the itch. 

 Shampoo & Condition Weekly 

  1. Sleep on Satin or Silk Pillowcases 
  2. Comb Hair Every Use 
  3. Place in a Braid or Ponytail at Night 
  4. No Excessive Heat 
  5. Minimize Breakage 

 Love your extensions the way they were meant to be loved, without the itchy scratchy feel that makes you self-conscious. The better you take care of your extensions, the better they’ll look and the better you’ll feel. After all, they’re meant to enhance your confidence, not knock it down. So, stay on top of your hair and flourish.

About Amber Meadows

Amber Meadows is a freelance copywriter who specializes in hair and cosmetics for small business owners



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